HOMME DE POUVOIR Launched Its New luxury Bags and Accessories Collection

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HOMME DE POUVOIR, is a French named American Luxury accessories brand for men, with an innovative approach to the luxury market. Founded and led by designer Quentin Hernandez, HOMME DE POUVOIR presents its modern classic designs for the sophisticated man of today seeking a both distinguished and uncompromised luxury product. HOMME DE POUVOIR's corporate office is located in the heart of the fashion district in New York City.

"I saw in the market a real need for truly high quality handcrafted and innovatively designed luxury bags and accessories for men which embody exquisite detailing, the finest leathers, and the best hardware. In designing and crafting POUVOIR products, I commited to myself and my customers to always follow the true traditions of creating a luxury product." Says Quentin


HOMME DE POUVOIR is a fashion company that creates and distributes luxury goods including bags, small leather goods, and accessories. POUVOIR's mission is to create a unique brand experience of masculine indulgence creating timeless pieces for men, combining luxury fashion with an innovative edge and style.

POUVOIR aims to inspire the growth and development of men's fashion, one man at a time.

Using time-honored methods, the leather goods are individually handcrafted, detailed with silver platinum hardware. Interior of the bags are all lined with a lustrous signature orange lamb suede or leather, exhibiting the same beauty and sophistication as the exterior. This attention to detail compliments the rugged yet exquisite feel of an HOMME DE POUVOIR product.

Headquartered in New York, HOME DE POUVOIR's Product can be purchased through its online boutique. You can view the entire collection of leather goods and accessories by logging into www.hommedepouvoir.com For more information or to schedule an interview with our designer please send an email to press@hommedepouvoir.com

Written by Charles H. Smith

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