Elitism & Elitist Fashion Exposed, but not told....

Saturday, May 7, 2011
(Tom Ford and Nicholas Hoult, Source: sbiff.org)

An Elitist or Elitism is a person who is above average, looked upon as a iconic figure, to some he or she is the owner of a major corporation or venture capitalist that control's our entire economy. Fashion before it got mainstream on the internet was closed to a society of the rich, The Elitist, while only a few could afford white gold, diamonds, only a handful could spend it lucratively and attend runway shows. The rise of the internet caused the bloom of social networking, including leaked information that was deemed not possible, is just now a few seconds away via twitter, the elitist of-course looked at it optimistically instead of being pessimistic and found a way of getting more profit in there products, including free exposure from fashion blogs.

The facts are they are no secrets, where everything is exposed, they had to derive of a simple but very complex solution, to some changing perspective was all that was simply required. Showcasing something without the worry of it getting out, since its exposed already there really is nothing to worry about, except teaching a select few on viewing some from a different angle. Simple as changing your thinking and you will find something else that nobody knows even if its right in front of your eyes, and the plan worked.

Another part of elitism is etiquette still favored and respected in almost all parts of the world, is now available online and it seems anybody is capable of attaining a presidential social status on the way they consume food or greet a person, including plenty of websites that also offer professional advice. Plus the rise of the pickup community lead to the rise of social power and dominance, and unlocking what humans can do without money, body language controls social situation more than money does, a justification that was meant to be sealed, broken by pickup artist's from around the world, created and caught the attention of the general public, owning money didn't matter anymore, including being rich, being free and making decent income would matter most. including traveling the world at your own free expenditure.

The Lifestyle Artist emerged, a financially capable person that is able to travel the world without being fixed at work, deem impossible by the public, proved that there is a way around a capitalist society. Outsourcing also being a syndicate to this evolution of working, the final piece left to the grand puzzle in the modern elitist Society was automation, a system that runs by itself, leaving the elitist free to do anything he wishes.

The project was a failure.

& The failure was the success...