The Laguna Beach Denim Jeans

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Todays men's fashion for 2011 denims are hot..

Get the girl by being different from the rest, here is a collection of the most interesting jeans in the world (at the moment)...

The Society of Laguna Beach knows its Elite Fashion, speak the same language by wearing these...

Price: $180
Brand: Diesel Zathan
The light Aqua Colors bring alot of attention to the design mixed with bright colors from the 70's

Price: $105
Brand: Diesel Krooley
Showcased in the Miami Beach Internation Fashion Week, you know somethings up with these can still get them, if you hunt for them long enough...

Price: $175
Brand: Diesel Ruky
Flared jeans are hot, but also are the bootcut design with washed out patterns to the knees.

Price: $1,545
Brand: Balmain Moto Jean Medium Blue

The Ultimate in Design and future, These is nothing like these except in the runway ofcourse..

By wearing the best, its simply natural that it attracts the same type of people into your life...