Strong Boalt Luxury Swimwear

Monday, May 9, 2011
(Source: By Strong Boalt)

The Palm Beach-based men's luxury swimwear line designed by islander Amanda Boalt, offers a modern burst of bright colors and prints inspired by the sun-kissed, salty lifestyle experienced on the beaches of Florida and the Caribbean. The new line of island ready gear is the perfect uniform for the man who likes to stay near the blue parts of the globe.

Having spent eight years on the island of Manhattan, Amanda Boalt traded in her job as a buyer at Ralph Lauren to return to the island of Palm Beach and back to her truest source of inspiration; warm turquoise water, palm trees and the colorful sunsets of Florida...In 2010 Strong Boalt was born.

Strong Boalt swimwear is currently being sold worldwide in luxury boutiques and hotels in Palm Beach, New York, California, Hawaii, St. Barths, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Tahiti and several other tropical destinations.

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Strong Boalt
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