The Gucci Menwear Spring/Summer 2011 Insight

Saturday, May 7, 2011
The Fashion Week Summer trends are here, and what we can learn from the Gucci's Fall 2011 collection for the upcoming months ahead...

Quick Insight on whats coming up in the following days..

Men's Bell Bottoms.

Fitted jeans are gone, as in no more...

Torn Handkerchief.

The new trend almost a rebel look, attitude at its best

Men's Fashion Trends for 2011 are the Upcoming Aviator Style's.

show it once in the runway its a maybe, show it twice...its a yes

depth in stripe patterns.

since stripes are everywhere, why not add depth to grab attention..

Knitted Scarves with torn end's.

Could be the End of the infamous feminine like scarves, yeah right...

Signature Blazer's with attention grabbing patterns.

i could see this catching on in the future, definitely eye-candy

Blazer button's

Intentional missing buttons, its a elitist cue, at best..

Single Button Blazer Dominance.

same with the aviator styles, its confirmed, all you need is one red button...*black actually*