Summer Denim Jeans for Men / Modern Trends / 80s Fashion for Men

Monday, May 16, 2011
Denim became mainstream this year, its hot, and everybody's wearing it, now the only thing left in a crowd is being spontaneous with design, pick one that nobody's wearing so you can stand out from the rest!

80s Color Chart

With the 80s Trend rising faster than a celebrity in Hollywood, Ive personally found a select few pants that match the 80s...

Price: $130.00
Brand: Lava Red 5-Pocket Chino

Price: $147.72
Brand: Red Humor Santiago Jeans

Price: $78.00
Brand: Slim Fit Chino

Price: $135.00
Brand: Brian Dales Mens Jeans

Price: $118.00
Brand: Azure Versace Jeans Couture