Le Coq Sportif Sportswear 2011 Summer Collection

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
(Source: Le Coq Sportif)

Fashion in Sportswear is very unknown to the general public, dont believe me go to your local gym, its a fashion disaster everywhere, but just because you sweat a pound or two doesn't mean you cant look good doing it, even to some fashion experts, they still rely on some extremist molding our society that come to the gym or past by while running, in this special review we cover everything that is need to become just that, and all women gossiping about you in the future...lets begin!

Up close view of some of their products...

Conclusion: Sold only in the E.U! 

(for us American's observe the colors and styles, for considering your next purchase.)

Overall these styles are bright and fun, and they make enough attraction, thanks to their European Design to catch the american womens eye, just enough to stop her from jogging & asking her for a cup of coffee..