NINH Nguyen Collection Where Punk Meets Urban Gentleman

Monday, April 11, 2011
(Source: yesstyle)

I'm astounded by designs & art that went into this collection, that i had to make two post on it...
Ive also added two videos, so you can see the collection from a different perspective.

Here is a Collection of the NINH AW11/12 Designs

Images are from The Official NINH Website

Summary: Designer Ninh Nguyen breaks the formal rules with these designs, making it bleeding edge fashion where punk and urban gentleman fuse into one, some design ahead of our time envision whats possible, the exceptionally well crafted class & rebel attitude go hand in hand, including the very unique gloves, some with collars that have a very high possibility of becoming mainstream, a fashion visionary of our time, makes a proud example of what fashion is really about...well done!

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