Prada Fall/Winter 2011 / Unlocking Prada Code

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
(Source: Theblayreport,Designers: Miuccia Prada & Patrizio Bertelli)

I'm just quite disappointed in the general fashion world that mostly everybody like 98% of the fashion community is not getting prada's latest runway models, its quite sad actually...oh well guess that makes us the special 2%...

lets break this code and find out whats really coming this winter!

set your mind to inspect every image and blur out the common stuff repeating, note the unique and interesting items that jump out and in the end we will see how you did...lets begin!

Did you understand whats going to be next, or did you skimmed it ?

Its ok ill tell you anyways...

Well its not the oversize shirts, its the patterns on the shirts checkered, followed by the very huge v patterns near the neck, shirts like those will be hot this winter, including the infamous white coat mixed with brown, black & olive green.

The transitions from Military to stripes, going to sailor could hit a last vegas trend, since ive seen D&G colorful winter display.

Suede and shiny silk materials are also attributed in the styles.

Also suede pants will be a hit, only 5 out of the 40 had them...hint hint! 

Green sparkled shirt gives a hint of what could be next this winter, maybe a joker style from batman...almost giving the las vegas theme.

Glittered shirts, could push the swarovski crystals sky high in mens fashion this winter.

In the meantime we wait on what bleeding edge fashion products are pre-scheduled for release so you can get your hands on them before the general public..