California Summer Elitist Eyewear Collection

Sunday, April 3, 2011
(The Elitist Eyewear Collection)

"Forget Everything You've Been Told..." 

Its something i like to say once in a while without spoiling the truth & what truth is that ?

Its that fashion has no rules of course, but you knew that right...

The fine print is that the trained eye can wear a granny picked shirt, and mix it with something else and astound the crowd, its mixing the wrong purposely to impress the audience and captivate whats possible...

But enough of that, here is a excellent collection, that Ive personally picked to my most perfect summer piece's, that literally stop women on their feet, some even judging me by looking at my shoes first, they have to do a little better than that if they want my attention...lets begin!

Price: $125

Price: $495

Price: $225

Price: $600

The amount of detail in these sunglasses is astonishing, light colors mixed with brown make it compatible with any summer style...