Emo/Rockstar Summer Shirts for Men

Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Band Member: James Hetfield)

How do you compete with shirts from hot topic that horrify the general audience & amuse some, its quite easy, you have to be different, very different, but just enough were the sexual tension is raised to cause enough attraction to put you in the rockstar spotlight...lets begin

Price: 58$
Brand: Affliction Born to Lose SS Tee

Its the opposite of black, and the fade look add's to the depth in this shirt, the skull represents death while the cross shows rebellion, its etch texture makes it perfect for hitting the nightlife..

Price: $58
Brand: Red Affliction GSP Icon Signature Series Tee

Red and black go in harmony in this design, optional is a white belt, perfect for going on your daily business, comes the night time, add some chains and a military watch and your set...

Price: $225

High Fashion right here...its denim, but it a grayish texture, Vintage labeling in the back, and signature Red Buttons, will catch the eyes of alot of people around the club...but who says it has to wait for the nightlife, its perfect for day time use also...

Price: $120

Time can only perfect whats already popular, the pocket design has been reinvented, including a unique pull zip, its perfect for night time, optional for daytime if its fresh outside..