Halston Suit Review

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This comes from my rare vintage fashion collection that Ive found in the lease thought of store, a second hand store in Bakersfield, California...

I know your wondering what in gods name made it land there, such a highly prized possession, given from the many compliments of just wearing it on a leisurely shopping basis, there something to learn from this experience is that never underestimate the power of looking at second hand stores, yeah mostly 95% of the clothing is useless , but if your shopping in a decent sized city, then you will come across vintage Italian made clothing that is not made anymore, and is an instant classic style that you can wear on a daily basis.

my first reaction when i touched and looked at the suit was the texture and color, it stands out alot from the rest so i immediately looked at the tag to see if it was worth anything, my initial reaction shocked me..

i looked at the Halston label and immediately knew what i found, there had to be something more about this suit..

one thing you will noticed is the fabric signature inside the suit, its very unique to its design and creator.

Honestly i couldnt argue after paying only 10$ for a suit that you simple cant buy anywhere during the winter days..

After 1984 based on wikipedia The Halston Company stop producing clothing for the general public, but the designer continued to producing clothing for his family and friends, who knows maybe this suit is from a family member or relative of his, the suit is under my care, and im proud to wear this design anywhere i go...

Conclusion: Second hand stores have rare items that with the trained eye on name brand's, you will get a gold mine's worth!

P.S check the second hand store's once a month for new arrival's on vintage clothing..