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Tuesday, June 28, 2011
(Public Guest Posting, Source: placbo)

The Elitist View opens its doors to Public Guest Posting. what does this mean to you ?

Well it means you get to showcase yourself, product, events or maybe give some fashion advice...

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The Elitist View is rising fast, 4 months ago it was ranked 14million in the alexa, and is now in the 500k range.

"The only way to be successful in life, is to surround yourself in success."
Victor Espinoza

While we dont pay for post, we offer back-links that send quality traffic back to you.

Interested ?

The general guidelines

  • Has to be related in the Mens Fashion Niche, any guy products are also accepted.
  • The words have to be original, minimum 1 paragraph, there is no limit on word count, sky's the limit! (no Duplicates)
  • The Original Blog Post, it cannot have been published elsewhere previously.
  • Images are required, also they have to be medium to high-res (no thumbnails images, or watermarks)

Send your Request for Blog Author Permission to

Also Permanent Guest Blogger Position are available right now!

Good Luck!