Personal Note: Fashion for June

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well The Elite 50s Fashion are over, but there coming fast to a store near everybody in town will be wearing one, including your neighbor, but all hope is not lost, i cracked the code faster than i could have imagined the upcoming Cuban Missile Crisis.

I've managed to gather some free time on my side to show you what clothing trends to look for, Gucci and D&G are the main role models in society, the other fashion brands...well its just of higher taste, unjustifiable to the general public, including celebrities mind you.

For those trying to still figure this out, look at the image above, what are the first things that come into mind...Class,Rich,Sophistication,Elite,Rare, Exquisite

The Equestrian & Gentleman's Club Theme will be a style everybody will want by early winter, but will remain in its crescent state for quite some time...

And from the image above you can see Korea has gotten its Lastest fashion groove on.

More images for getting ideas..
Note: i will not link any unknown brands.

Christ Brown wearing a Equestrian style clothing

Stay Elite